Our legs are the champions!

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Anonymous asked: I've just decided to stop shaving my legs or any other hairy parts and now I've found your blog! thank you, now I'm even more convinced it's a perfect decision! :D

Wicked!  You are most welcome in our forum and send us your stuff !

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bostonfooins asked: My best friend told me that the hairs on my legs were like little rays of sunshine. It made me feel so happy and I wanted to share that with of the rest of you ^^

Thank you for your answer!  Can you share the rays of sunshine with us ?!

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Anonymous asked: I'm an overweight girl and I don't shave. I refuse to conform to beauty standards set by people nothing to do with me. But I grow hair in not just the "usual" places! Or is there no unusual place? I grow hair on my tummy and my big toes and at the top of my feet. Is this okay? I'm worried that because I'm fat and because I don't shave I'll never find anyone who will fall in love with me.

Trust me you will find your love and somebody who will appreciate who you are! I recently seen a couple and the female partner was quite hairy, her parner feels comfortable with that so there are always people would appriciate of who you are ! And I don’t think people look that much on the toes. Don’t worry darling and god bless you !

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Anonymous asked: Finding this blog makes me so happy. I've always been so self conscious of my legs. Even when I shave them, the hair is so dark and thick that the stubble is very visible. Even in the summer, I always wear jeans because I'm afraid of what people will think about me. Between my hair, my big thighs and my knee scars, I've been too afraid. Seeing so many beautiful women who are proud of their wonderful legs is fantastic. I still have a lot of work myself to get confidence, but this really helps me.

Be positive about it  and who you are! Who cares about the social norms?!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have pics of people (female bodied) of color with hairy legs and pits? Add diversity to your blog?? <3

Good question actually. I don;t think I have. But it would have been interesting if anyone has ever coloured their hair on legs?

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below the knee
once a year i shave off all my body hair. then i miss it.

below the knee

once a year i shave off all my body hair. then i miss it.

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I dont get the stigma around embracing the hair that nature gave you. i have hairy legs, and tbh i feel more ‘feminine’ than ever! - Becca

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Harnaam was just 11 years old when the beard started appearing and she spent her teenage years desperately trying to remove it. She would try to remove it by waxing twice a week.

The primary school teaching assistant endured vile abuse at school and would be stared at in the street.  She became so self conscious she refused to leave her house, except to go to lessons. At her lowest point she began self harming and even considered taking her own life.

 But at the age of 16, she found the courage to accept her facial hair after being baptised as a Sikh.  The religion dictates that the body should be left in its natural state and body hair must be left to grow.

Harnaam was determined to show that she was beautiful no matter what she looked like.