Our legs are the champions!

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savannah-romanova asked: Hey! Thank u so much for following me, it kinda helps to see a lot of people embracing their hairiness. Even tho it's also a bit scary to me to watch all this acceptance and sense of normalcy because to me it seems impossible right now tbh above all in this moment when I'm feeling really bad and hopeless about my hirsutism. Indeed, I really admire all of you ladies, keep your heads up for us too! it helps :)

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smokey-the-fox asked: Today was the first day I went out in public with shorts and my hairy legs. I was actually surprised at how few people even noticed or stared at me, and nobody said anything. This was a huge confidence boost for me!

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panzerturkey asked: I am FUCKING in love with this page. I'm going to submit my legs one of these days. I'M SO PROUD OF Y'ALL GIRLS.

Thank you for your openess and support to all of us  girls here!

Hugs, Sarah

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maliciouszombie asked: I love your blog, it's beautiful and lovely and just perfect. It warms my heart so see some many women confident with their own body hair.